Tuesday, 19 September 2017

new work

fig and oak leaves

fig and oak leaves

fig and condiment spoon

fig and condiment spoon

I shall be continuing on with this series of smaller gouache works over the weeks ahead. They are detailed studies made from life and each takes some time to complete. I enjoy the careful, intimate observation this kind of painting requires. There are many stages to work through and before I start to paint I make certain I am happy with the composition; adjusting even a simple shape can makes such a difference.

New paintings and drawings in my shop tomorrow, 2pm UK time - I hope you may enjoy seeing all the new work, there's quite a varied selection.

Monday, 18 September 2017


acorns in a handmade bowl

acorns in a handmade bowl

A quick hello, having spent all day painting.... I completed the work above today. I'd spent some time over the weekend considering just how to arrange a few acorns in a bowl, how I could make it work etc... A lot of time and thought goes into these small still lifes before I am painting. It's been a chilly, sunny-ish day here. This morning I discovered a bumble bee supposedly asleep on a sunflower. It was so still I wondered if it might have died and a few hours later I saw that it had. If ever there could be a perfect resting place for a bee. This kind of observation will happen as we move into autumn.

My next shop update is this week - Wednesday - at 2pm UK time. I hope you may enjoy seeing the newest selection.

More tomorrow - have a good start to your week

Sunday, 17 September 2017

new work

conference pear, cut open on a plate

conference pear cut open on a plate

one of several smaller works I have made this week - I have had such encouraging feedback (via Instagram and other places) and am inspired so much to continue on with this series of smaller works through autumn. The above still life is a detailed study I am particularly happy with.

partially peeled apple

and another detailed study - partially peeled apple on a plate

I am also adding new monoprint drawings into the mix, including this one, also a still life:

zinnias in a cup

I will share more with you soon. My shop update is this coming Wednesday at 2pm UK time.

Monday, 11 September 2017


autumn pots

autumn pots - smaller gouache painting - one of several smaller works made recently

Hello, it has been a rainy, chilly, trying to be sunny start to the week here. Today has been my son's first day at sixth form college and after a long summer holiday it will take me a few days to adapt to not having his company when I take a break from painting - but I think he has had a successful first day. I hope if your family are having new beginnings or new starts this autumn that all goes well.....

Today I've continued to work on my smaller works series - these are all postcard sized paintings (14.5cm x 10.5cm). Above is just one example. They are not all autumn themed. I am simply working on each one, individually, considering an eclectic mix of ideas and seeing where those ideas take me. Some times I may begin to paint and something else comes through, other times my idea evolves into something like I had imagined. I really cannot predict outcomes when it comes to painting and am glad for happy surprises.

I hope to share new work here later this week. My next shop update will be next week, on Wednesday 20th September at 2pm UK time.

Have a good start to your week

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Autumn Smaller Works

autumn smaller works

 A new series of smaller paintings - these are my autumn smaller works and are postcard sized originals. This is a varied series including figurative works, still lifes and more abstract paintings.  I plan to work on this series through the weeks ahead.

Autumn is perhaps my favourite season. There is a different slant and tint to the light during autumn months. The days are shorter, there are richer and yet muted tones in the natural world. This series is not autumn themed, but the colours I am reaching for may be inspired by....

My use of colour has sometimes been described, by myself and others, as 'moody'. I think this is about right, and I think it has a certain autumnal feel to it. Though of course I will paint with my preferred muted tones all year round.

I find inspiration for my interest in muted, low-lit, tertiary colours in the paintings of the past, particularly British and European late nineteenth into and through the twentieth century. Not for a moment am I comparing my work to past 'masters'. And my paintings are not simply responses to the past, though inspired they may be.

Alongside this, I am intrigued by the culture of postcards collected from galleries, seeing art in this smaller version, and I am interested in representing pictures within pictures. Some may suggest these days all painting is about painting - I am wary of such dialogue but I am intrigued by how in ways art of the past 'haunts' the present.

My paintings are very different small creatures. They are very much about finding things in the paint, small responses and moments, they are not grand paintings. I do not work in oils on canvas, lavishly, I prefer working with the chalky feel of gouache, though I also work in acrylics (and oil pastels) from time to time. In some ways my small paintings are quite radically their own thing, and working small in a world of 'going large' does make me feel a bit like a quiet outsider. That is fine with me.

I've spent several days painting so far, working on this 'postcard series' and what I see emerging is quite a lively gathering of pictures. I can see how they may be paired or put into small groups - so there is the opportunity for you, the collector, to make your own small gallery.

This series will take me through the weeks ahead, as we really do move into autumn. I am not going to restrict myself entirely to smaller works - and the dimensions of 14.5cm x 10.5cm. Larger paintings may come about, as and when. Alongside these smaller paintings I am also working on new drawings in pencil and monoprint drawings.

The first selection of smaller works will be available in my shop on Wednesday 20th September, at 2pm. With further selections over the weeks ahead.

I'll be showing further photographs here - and also over at Instagram and Flickr, so that you may preview.

Monday, 4 September 2017



sketchbooks on my desk - I enjoy working in my sketchbooks very much (I know I say that often), I think it is important to give time to working in sketchbooks as here so many ideas can evolve - ideas that become something more..... That may seem obvious, but one can be surprised by how easy it is to neglect sketchbook exploring. Sketchbooks are an important part of what I do.

Hello, it's an autumnal start to the week here - we had fog this morning, it has been drizzly with just a vague hint of sunshine. So here we are on the edge of autumn. I stumbled over acorns on the path close to my house the other day. The evenings are getting darker - and I noted that most obviously when we had a power cut. As the sun went down I found fairy lights.... (the power is fully restored now and the fault in our street repaired). I hope you are having a good start to September.

Today I've been busy with errands, sending packages etc... thank you always. This afternoon I have been working in my sketchbooks and drawing.

I'm mostly working in my sketchbooks, drawing quietly, researching, reading, getting ideas together this week. I've news of a new project for the autumn and hope to share that with you later this week.

Take care and more soon