Monday, 29 May 2017



hide-and-seek - artist book - gouache on Fabriano paper

Hello, it is a damp bank holiday here in the south east of England..... I have spent the morning painting, enjoying the process of working on artist books and smaller paintings. As an early riser I enjoy this time of year, getting downstairs and sitting in the garden with a cup of tea. This morning the sun was shining at 6.30am - On a drier day I will sit and work, or plan my day, and use all that early sunlight. As we move toward summer I am thinking more about working outside, possibly working in my local woodland. We shall see....

This week I am updating my shop on Wednesday - please do note the time is later than usual - 8pm uk time. I have received several requests to alter the time so that people not able to look at 2pm can get a chance to see the full new selection. I will be changing the time about over the months ahead and see how things work out. I hope this works positively.

Tomorrow I will share here a few more new works. Have a good start to your week.

Friday, 26 May 2017

ink drawings

woman and child figure (detail)

detail from an ink drawing

My plans for this week changed - various reasons - I decided to go with the flow of my ideas, and be myself as much as I can.....

So I have found myself in familiar territory, exploring historically-inspired figures in ink drawings.... These drawings are indeed inspired by the past, yet have a timeless quality. They do not pretend to be 'historical' or of one time, but are about the merging of time and influence, the recurrence of themes such as motherhood and family.....

A selection of ink drawings will be included in my shop update next week.

gather wildly

'gather wildly' - detail

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

artist books


eavesdropping - artist book

Hello, I had hoped to share a post of new work with you yesterday - but events here in England have shaken many of us and I was just not able to put together very much at all.... (Today I am determined to be a bit more focused and make the most of my time, so I am sitting down to write this before going to my studio space and working on paper).

I continue to explore the simple concertina artist book - as a fascinating way of presenting visual ideas, mark-making and narrative.

I am working on books with a variety of media - some featuring my distinctive figures, others showcasing different still life objects. Working in acrylics, gouache, ink and monoprinting allows me to display various ways of seeing.

small book of vessels (red tin)

four vessels - (red tin)

The artist books I create may be enjoyed as folding little books, to place on a shelf, display as you may - or you might prefer to display in a glazed frame. Or another idea for display is to have the book propped within a cabinet of other, complementary objects. I can imagine the book above looking very interesting propped on a shelf or inside a cabinet alongside ceramics, for example.

I hope to share more new work with you later in the week.

A reminder my next shop update is next Wednesday, 31st at the different-from-usual time of 8pm (UK).