Monday, 24 July 2017


figure within a garden

figure within a garden - monoprint drawing

Hello, it's a chilly, damp start to the week here - hardly feels like July, oh dear. I look out of the window into my garden to see hot  pink zinnias just coming into bloom and I apologise to each one for not providing the dazzling sunshine such a flower might expect. Meanwhile, I have been painting and cutting paper today. The paper cutting is due to putting poetry zines together. I've now printed and sewn together all the first edition - and have the tiny botanical drawings (one to be included with each zine) to make tomorrow.

So this week I will be updating my shop on Wednesday at 2pm. I'm keeping 2pm as my regular update time slot for now - but I may try another time next month. I appreciate 2pm is very late/early depending on where you are, but this seems the time that works for most. If you are looking to buy a zine please note that if, by some chance, I do sell out I will be considering another print run in the near future.

Tomorrow I'll share with you a few more new works. Have a good start to your week.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

new work

a look at just a few of the new artworks I have made recently

oak leaves and pears

oak leaves and pears - a still life - acrylics on Fabriano paper

one late summer evening

one late summer evening - acrylics on Fabriano paper

these will be included in my shop update this coming Wednesday 26th at 2pm UK time

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

a new zine - small windows

small windows

Small Windows is a mini-zine of poetry with colour artwork. This little booklet offers a small selection of nine recent poems. If you have read any of my writing previously I hope you may like - if you are new to my poetry then it might just be something you find at least intriguing....

Poems are contemporary, experimental little creatures with contrary minds. I write about trying to fathom things out or just not: paintings, the process of making pictures, gardens and nature, history. Each zine will come with a tiny original botanical drawing - gouache on Fabriano paper. This will be a first edition of just 50 - but I may consider making a further run if there is demand. The zines/booklets are designed, printed and hand bound by myself. I'm keeping the price as modest as I can - £5 including UK postage (extra postage cost for overseas).

Small Windows will be available to purchase from my shop from Wednesday 26th July. I am not reserving copies - but as stated above, if there is demand I will make additional copies so everyone who wants one should be able to purchase.

It's taken me a few attempts to get to this latest zine - I had a couple of false starts in the past, getting so far but then feeling the poems did not want to work together. But with this handful of nine I feel they are doing what I want, in their own ways. I'm glad to be at this stage - with a new zine ready, and I am pleased with it. I've had poems published in a variety of journals and pamphlets previously, but I decide to self-publish every so often, to allow me to present my writing in the way that I want - with my own colour artwork - offering anyone interested in my work generally an opportunity to have a small collectable piece.