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the gorgeous berries are here - so many to see, oranges, reds and blacks....

a view across my neighbourhood on an October morning

49 - a prime number? (Maths in the 80's)
A birthday is coming up - next month I will be 49. I know a few people who turned 50 this year and realise it can feel like quite a big thing. I don't feel 49, or close to 50, my feelings on age change from day to day. This week I had a painful knee that I just hoped would get better - and it did! I realise one should not expect to get aches and pains, just because.... I often feel much younger than forty-something. I hope this feeling lasts.

I was pondering on 49 and if it is or is not a prime number. I asked my son who told me in a straightforward way that it had been over a whole year since he has had to study Maths so how should he know! I googled it and found out 49 is a semi-prime number, for some reason I am still not sure about. I had never heard of a semi-prime number before.

Maths was not m…

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