Tuesday, 29 March 2016

new embroidery

a spring garden

'spring garden' - a miniature embroidery artwork.... a few notes on this piece: over time I've created several miniature compositions featuring two figures in a garden, often with a tree as the third focal point. I'm inspired particularly by old woodcuts, engravings and hand-stitched samplers - but at the same time these really my own designs. I wanted here to convey the feel of a tinted engraving, keeping the garden 'simple' with colour to the two figures, giving them the colours of the garden....

Often the reverse side to a piece lends an interesting alternate story - a little more abstract and intriguing. This one reminds me of a moment caught in time, almost like a frame from a dark animation.... (Which has got me thinking about animation and how I could do something, perhaps a thread to follow.....)

other side: a spring garden

This piece measures 10cm x 9.5cm - and will be in my shop tomorrow.

Just one other embroidery piece to show you before tomorrow:

portrait of a lady in blue - a larger embroidery brooch with a gentle spring feel......

Monday, 28 March 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Eemland (XXXI), 2. Caledonian Rd, 3. scarf for Ursula, March, 2016, 4. Untitled, 5. movable wall for the studio, 6. G2094, 7. Dense Flowers In Vase.(Happy Easter)!, 8. One of the moths from the previous post landed on this little porcelain wheel-thrown bowl 🍚 Una de las polillas de la foto anterior aterrizó en este tazoncito de porcelana torneada., 9. Sudden Conduct, 10. Untitled, 11. DSC02211, 12. swans, 13. Untitled, 14. miniprint-036, 15. Printed silks for tops, 16. love, 17. con la cara en la montaña, 18. Easter is coming, 19. Untitled, 20. ash to ash Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Hello, a happy Easter Monday to you - thanks as always to the artists and photographers featured in this mosaic. Please follow links and discover more...... We've had stormy, changeable weather here - last night storm Katie hit parts of England. Fortunately my area was not hit by power cuts. I got woken up several times with whistling wind blowing about the house and the thrashing-crash of bins. Today is a sunny one, with a strong breeze.

I've spent much of today working on new embroidery pieces - and am looking forward to showing you new work in my shop this week. I'm particularly pleased with an embroidery piece I've just finished called 'spring garden' - I will let you imagine it for a short while and will show pictures tomorrow.

So this week my shop update is the usual day and time - Wednesday at 2pm UK time (please note our clocks changed last weekend, going forward an hour, so if you are outside the UK please check the time difference.) There will be new embroidery, still life paintings, spring sketches, and monoprint drawings.

Looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Have a good start to your week.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

spring sketches

A Happy Easter to you - I thought I might share here the first of a new series of 'spring sketches' - these are all postcard size, so good to collect and mix/display with other works.... (The first selection will be in my shop next Wednesday. I'll be adding several each week over the next few months....)


three - gouache on Fabriano paper

figure with yellow

figure with yellow - gouache on Fabriano paper

woman by a table

woman by a table - acrylics on heavy watercolour paper

Thursday, 24 March 2016

new work

edwardian cup

'Edwardian cup' - a still life - acrylics and gouache  on linen

Showing here just a few of the new works that I've been working on this week...... I have been very busy indeed, especially with painting. This week has been about exploring more detailed still life arrangements, working from objects in my collections, considering tones and colours.... It's been an intense process and I will be continuing over the weeks ahead. 

Next week I'll be offering a selection of new paintings, drawings and embroidery in my shop. I'll be updating on Wednesday.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. (Look out for a writing post over at Nevering.)

30's coffee cup

'30's coffee cup' - still life - acrylics and gouache  on linen

cafe scene

a monoprint drawing (postcard size) - 'cafe scene'

Monday, 21 March 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. 20160319_125925, 2. table top, 3. detail, still life, 4. detail, still life, 5. Southport, 6. wishful thinking, 7. Fred Milton on tiny couch in our smallest room, the computer room.  He follows me from room to room., 8. G1821, 9. murmur, 10. that pink glow, 11. Ink, 12. DSC_0011, 13. Digital, 14. The mystery of art, 15. G1763, 16. Untitled, 17. safe note, 18. upload, 19. King's Cross, 20. Рита

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Hello, spring? Looking out of my window I see the very first buds on a hawthorn and two feisty male blackbirds who have been fighting off and on for the past few days. Birds are becoming more apparent with their morning songs and when the sun comes out it does feel just a little warmer.... but we still have a little longer to wait until it really does feel like spring.... Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic.

I'm typing this whilst taking a small break from painting. This week I'm working on a mix of new work for future events and for my own shop - more details to follow. I've lots to do. So there will not be a shop update this week - the next will be on Wednesday 30th at the usual time of 2pm (uk). Thanks always for your interest and I hope to share some glances at the new work I am busy with, later this week.

It is Easter week - whether you are celebrating or participating,or not - I wish you a happy week ahead. I do enjoy this time of year and will treat the house to a new bunch of flowers. As for a spring clean, well that's in constant progress..... I'll hope to get outside and repot a few plants. It's too chilly for sowing seeds outside just yet - well I prefer to wait until frost is less likely. This weekend we will be eating hot cross buns and chocolate, as is traditional. I'll bake a cake or three.....

Have a good week and more soon.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

new work & notes on taking photos

'golden hour' - a new embroidery brooch

Hello, I've just updated my shop and so am sharing a few pictures and notes here. Above is one of a small selection of new stitch works. In the weeks ahead you may see a further selection of embroidery pieces - and more text-stitch works too. (To see my latest text-stitch work and read - please see my writing blog nevering )

a smaller still life painting: still life with dotty cup - another one in a series of works using acrylics and gouache on linen

a larger bowl in this ongoing series - this one is 'multi tone bowl with purple stripe'  -- I am forever exploring the bowl form, a meditative process..... I find much to discover and learn from each work, considering them portraits, capturing a moment in time, a certain light and balance......

However I have to comment here about just how difficult it has been to photograph the recent bowls with off-white or very pale backdrops. My camera, being a modern thing with a good sensor, picks up the texture of the linen and then strange things happen - a patterning called moire. If you photograph textiles or clothing, or indeed paintings, you might know about this. I've had to learn how to overcome the problem and I think I am winning. I aim always to take photographs that represent colours and tones just as accurately as possible, bearing in mind how screens and screen set-up can differ. Often I will ask someone else in the household to look at how things are on their screen, I'll check my phone, back to my computer and so on..... It's a time-consuming process but I do want to get the photos as 'true to it' as I can. In decades to come I see this problem being resolved by you being able to virtually visit me in my studio (and enjoy a virtual cup of tea) but until then, I am forever learning......

I enjoy taking photographs, of all my work, very much and see it as an integral part of my work. Now we are moving toward spring I am going to challenge myself to take ever more interesting photographs, go for a few walks and get inspiration. I've always found my embroidery pieces are fun to photograph and it makes me smile when my camera detects a face that is actually a stitched person........

thanks always for reading here and taking a look at my newest works - and finally just a note to let you know I will not be updating my shop next week. The next update will be Wednesday 30th.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

new work


Just a brief look this evening - I wanted to show you ahead of tomorrow a few of my newest works.... Above is a stitch-text work titled 'Beginnings'. It is a fiction-poetry piece, a portrait of a woman writer.... I'll share more photos and will post the complete text over at my writing blog Nevering, some time tomorrow.....

I have a selection of new paintings, new embroidery and the above text-stitch work for my shop update (tomorrow at 2pm uk time)

Below you may see pale coral bowl - this photo is possibly not the best for showing its vibrancy and light - I was running out of daylight today, so hope to get better photos tomorrow....

I hope you may enjoy seeing all my new work. Thanks always.

Monday, 14 March 2016

mosaic Monday

My creation

1. Jesus Police, 2. If I was God | Als ik God was, 3. 1856, 4. simplicity series (I), 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Rye, 8. green moss, 9. More from Tétouan, 10. Inspired by Chef's Table about Francis Mallmann., 11. New paintings, 12. a rush of rain, 13. 1860, 14. Ee is for erasure rabbit #3, 15. Flim, 16. Digital, 17. Print on the card, part of the   Memory of a Place | Garden, 18. Untitled, 19. still life with flowers, oil pastel on colored card board, 20. faces

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Hello, a happy Monday to you - a chilly, sunny start here.... thanks always to my Flickr contacts and I hope you enjoy exploring this mosaic...

I'm posting a little later than usual today as I have been painting for most of the day. Looking forward to sharing with you a further selection of new paintings and drawings (and possibly embroidery!) this week. I'll be updating my shop at the usual time of 2pm (uk) on Wednesday.

If time allows I'll post a preview of new work and say a little more tomorrow.... have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

eclectic mix - new work

still life with blue cup

an eclectic mix of new work is coming to my shop tomorrow - including the still life paintings here

above is 'still life with blue cup' - and below is 'still life with striped bowl' (yes stripes are finding their way into my work, one way or another, as ever....) These are both acrylics and gouache on linen.

still life with striped bowl

new lives - a book of collages

above you may see pages from an artist book: 'new lives' - I've put together a book of collages, mixing media... I like to offer artist books, from time to time. This one will be offered at a special price too. Several hours of making marks, drawing and puzzling has gone into this one. There are many layers and textures to each page.

Below is a monoprint drawing - one of a series exploring figures within interiors - a subject I return to quite often. All small in scale, these drawings offer detail and intimacy, and I am pleased with how the drawing has evolved recently.

So yes, quite a selection to see tomorrow - here I've shared just a few special ones, but there will be more to see.


Monday, 7 March 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Até amanhã . See you Tomorrow . Tot morgen #window #windows_aroundtheworld #doorsandwindows #rsa_minimal #minimal_perfection #minimalmood #p3top #nowporto #click2inspire #incapture_ #lier #belgium, 2. Untitled, 3. Ich hab´ dich nie gefragt....., 4. Untitled, 5. Fred with St. Valentine, 6. seated figures, 7. 22 February 2016, 8. Untitled, 9. Super tiny succulent, 10. abstraction, 11. Windows never forget, 12. be kind to one another, 13. Small paintings on gesso board in my show at Long&Ryle Pimlico, London, 14. miniprint collection, 15. 2011 - page de carnet - #art #sketch #sketchbook #landscape #barber #young #moleskine #draw #drawingoftheday #theatre #theater #illustration #diary #paint #drawing, 16. What are you looking at?, 17. 09, 18. Drawing, 19. lonely bath, 20. Drawing

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hello, a sunny Monday to you - it's been a frosty start to the week here. We've been having a cold snap, with snowflakes appearing for a moment last Friday, hail stones and sunshine, bitterly cold nights....  Still waiting for daffodils and other bulbs to appear in pots by our kitchen door because I planted them a bit late, I'll just have to be patient. Thanks as ever to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links etc.....

This week - I've started with a very intense painting session this morning, a new still life. Looking forward to sharing my newest works  - adding them to my shop this Wednesday at the usual time of 2pm. As always I hope you may be able to take a look and any questions I'm happy to help.

Tomorrow I'll share you with a selection of new work and write a little more about what I've been considering.

Have a good start to your week and more soon.....

Friday, 4 March 2016

new paintings

new bowl paintings

bowl paintings

just a few shots to share with you today - to show my newest paintings and give you a chance to see what's coming along....

have a good weekend and more soon

Thursday, 3 March 2016

inspiration and ideas

I'm sharing here just a few thoughts - with some images by other artists who have inspired me over many years.

We live in a world where everyone is creative and has creative ambitions: or so it seems. 'Everyone is an artist'. Creativity can save us and shape us. It seems there are so many creative types in the world, artists are no longer a marginalized minority. Or is this really the case? Certainly these days in the western world more value is placed on individual creativity. And yet funding for arts in schools is being cut. It's all shifting... things will always be changing. I can focus on what I am doing today. I cannot predict - no-one can - how important creativity might be seen to be in the future. My hope is art won't become something purely material. Or has that happened? No. I resist that idea.

William Blake - Jacob's Ladder

I'm fortunate indeed to do work that I enjoy very much.  As a younger person I knew I did not fit with the main crowd and was attracted to artists and writers who were perhaps outsiders. I think of William Blake as a great-great-great grandfather to many of us who have felt marginalised (and at times mocked, or ignored). Blake was not the best (he was not a grand painter in the traditional sense) but he had a brilliant vision - a stubbornness some might say. He has come to be admired but it was different for him in the moment. I came to Blake's work through his poetry and then began my interest in his image-making. He was an industrious thinker, an individual.


Over recent years I have wanted to focus my work - I feel I am still making only tentative steps toward that goal. I know I am getting there, but it's a roundabout dance. There are things I won't want to let go of just yet. I can't tell you what I would do if I started now to be as focused as I would like to be. It needs time and I need to follow my own thread/dance.... to find that way forward.

Meanwhile I will only ever offer work for sale that I like and want to share. Making art can feel like a contrary business - but mostly is a very rewarding experience.

It helps me to read biographies of artists - of all and various kinds - to discover that in the past many hid/destroyed/disliked some of their work - just as many artists today hide/destroy/dislike.....So it is ok to question and evaluate.

A favourite artist is Keith Vaughan. (He was someone that, according to his biographers, often hoarded or painted over). I like his work because it combines land with figure, and for me it is quite English and Romantic. I can see connections to Blake in Vaughan's work. Yet at the same time I see more struggle. And perhaps I can relate to that also. His paintings were often large and expansive landscapes with figures inhabiting and dominating the composition. I can appreciate his work without wishing to emulate - I have no real desire to paint large, for example. I understand this is not a limitation, but how I relate to space. So I can admire the larger works of others without wanting to make big things myself.

There are days when I feel quite wobbly and question everything I do. This is healthy, I tell myself. It won't do to feel I am always on track.

When I am feeling unsure it is a good idea for me to quietly work in sketchbooks and perhaps work on my writing. It's not such a good idea to look back over old work. I need a break from my own image-making perhaps. We need a break from ourselves, from time to time....

Then I go and look at a big book of gentle paintings by someone I trust to keep me interested. Like Agnes Martin:


Always I've had my eye on difference and different. I'm never that bothered about what is most popular or currently trendy. I like what I like - and always have had an interest in things people in the past may have valued - from wonky old furniture to medicinal plants. I can say that being interested in lots of different things has made me less of an expert and more of an observer, with intermediate knowledge of this and that. This all helps though - or at least I make it work for me. Because I have a wide pool of interest to dip into and never am I bored. So, I consider myself less than brilliant but quite fortunate. It makes me smile to think of the different things I've been obsessed with over the years. Some of it I still like very much but not all.


 image: Pragmata gallery, Tokyo

I've had an interest in ceramics for many, many years. I'm particularly interested in Japanese and Japanese-influenced pots. I have a wonderful book by Jane Perryman titled Naked Clay - that is worth seeking out. I have a small collection of ceramics that I value greatly.

It's with gratitude that I look at the few pots I've made. Unfortunately, due to my own choices I let go of a kiln and the opportunity to perhaps pursue that road - the sticky, dusty, hot and sometimes frustrating but often beautiful world of clay. I treasure the few pots I have and enjoy them for all their imperfections. Meanwhile, I am returning again to painting bowls and cups - and see this as a way forward I want to pursue.... I find a calm and a centering in contemplating the simple container, the open shape, the still form....


I know the work of many different historical artists, and like art from a wide spectrum of ages. Styles and categories are ways to organise a gallery -  but my imagination is full of mingling images and ideas and there's no wide divisions. What I look at will help me understand the world, in small and big ways. So I would never want to narrow my interests too much.

Here's an image by just one more favourite artist: Vuillard.

Interior by Vuillard. I particularly enjoy his interiors, the way he uses shape and pattern, strong light and shade, the way figures merge and stand out, and appear both decorative yet fluid....

Writing these notes has helped me understand and appreciate all that I have been fortunate to learn about, over years. I hope you may find you are never lost for inspiration.