Tuesday, 29 September 2015

new work - painted books

a small group of handmade painted books

this is a new, ongoing series - I have, to begin, three books - they are each about 10cm tall, so quite small in scale. The pages are all painted. There are three 'views', or 6 painted sides. The books are designed to be small accessible ways into my paintings, and are rather like small sketchbooks. You may consider displaying in a frame or keeping as a book to be looked at occasionally.

Each book is titled, of course. Above is a view into 'the land we know is ours'. Below are pages from 'same day, other time'.

These books will be added to my shop tomorrow. I hope to also have a rather special embroidery piece completed and few other artworks perhaps..... (Update 2pm tomorrow).

Monday, 28 September 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Untitled, 2. Ludwig II  Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm von Wittelsbach., 3. those trees, 4. Inanna, 5. woo dan, 6. la carta, 7. hope it turns out ok, 8. heart of a doll, 9. The Morigan revisited, 10. Untitled, 11. #wip #embroidery #embroideryart #bordado #broderie, 12. Untitled, 13. #, 14. Untitled, 15. Sept 26/15 #embroidery #embroideryart #broderie #watercolor #treeline #greatlakes #huroncounty #ontario, 16. upload, 17. ..., 18. Untitled, 19. small queen of ephyra, on rooftop, with balloons., 20. Little Gardener Set - box, 21. #junkshop acquisitions for my "tickle trunk" / photo props collection., 22. flickr.com/photos/23097202@N02/21555861018/, 23. REFRESHM, 24. Untitled, 25. 15 September 2015, 26. Morning Light, 27. white as shadow, 28. wanibe, 29. Untitled, 30. Others Others

Hello, a happy sunny start to the week here..... many thanks to all the artists and photographers featured in this mosaic and as always please do follow links to discover more.... It's sunny but chilly, a certain autumnal feel has settled in for now. Apparently we are due a few good weeks of weather!

I've been working quietly, researching, sketching and more. This week I will be making a modest update to my shop. There will be new small painted books and perhaps an embroidery piece or two. These things take time, and I thank you always for your interest in my artwork.

Tomorrow I'll write here a little more about my small painted books, a new series that I am embarking upon and will continue with for the next few weeks or so.... I'll see where it takes me. More tomorrow then!

Have a good start to your week.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

moonlit sisters

'moonlit sisters'

I'm enjoying the sway and intricacy of these new moonlit pieces, I certainly need to keep my eye on the thread and find it is never possible to see every detail at once....

a miniature embroidery artwork - now available in my shop

I've updated this afternoon with a couple of new embroidery pieces and three new paintings. Thanks always for taking a look.

Looking forward to spending a few days away from making and doing some research, work in sketchbooks. Hope to share more with you soon.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

new work

patterns and light

'patterns and light' - continuing with my figures on paper series. This work is acrylics on paper.

There are three new paintings in this series coming to my shop tomorrow. I'm showing two out of the three today!


'evening' - a few notes on this work: I worked quite abstractly until finding the figures, as is often the case. I've been looking at northern European expressionism recently - it's something I've looked at for many years, but I am particularly interested in the use of colour and abstraction of the figure. If you have seen my work before then it may not surprise you to know I am very interested in historical fashion and this series of figure paintings are a great opportunity for me to explore many influences coming from all kinds of places.  (Perhaps I'd rather like the bell-shaped jacket and striped skirt the central figure is wearing here). I am planning a trip to the V&A soon, to do further research: I love visiting there and have not been for a while.

As well as the paintings I also have a rather special embroidery portrait - almost completed after a very intense day of stitching. I hope to have this piece in my shop tomorrow, along with one or two other smaller embroidery pieces.

Update tomorrow 2pm (UK time).

Monday, 21 September 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. IMG_2328, 2. drawing, september 2015, 3. Hello studio, my old friend. I've come to paint with you again. #vaopenstudio #vapaintingpractice #studiolove #lifeisgood, 4. Chichester Cathedral, 5. Untitled, 6. Sept 17/15 #embroidery #embroideryart #broderie #heatwave #greatlakes #toronto #ontario, 7. no title, 8. Snippets of new work, 9. Untitled, 10. Digital, 11. Gainsborough's Garden, 12. Untitled, 13. allerleirauh, 14. # 3460 "Paper 78", 15. archway in the studio, 16. Manizales - 2015, 17. Untitled, 18. { Bette was a poor weaver. That was her dream, when she slept. As soon as she woke up, she was a writer again. }, 19. Untitled, 20. seated figure

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hello again, it's a chilly, rainy start to the week here - we have had lovely September weather and days like this when it's not so good. It's quiet in the mornings at this time of year - the birds are not so vocal but earlier today our trees were full of tiny birds. And I saw a heron sitting on a neighbour's roof.... I must consider something 'birdish' for future work..... Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links to discover more.

I've been painting today and look forward to sharing some of my new work with you. Tomorrow will be a 'stitching day' and I  hope to make some progress on a few pieces I have evolving. As always I hope to share more with you here and will be previewing a selection of new work tomorrow.

Shop update: this Wednesday 2pm (UK time). I'm updating most Wednesdays from now until mid-December. Just to say I am continuing to reserve artwork, once it is in the shop. One item at a time. Thanks always for your interest, much appreciated.

have a good start to your week! 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

new work

 lantern song

Lantern song - miniature embroidery artwork

another in my series of colour-and-season inspired smaller works. This piece began life as a figure that might have been walking in woods but all the tiny faces appeared and the patterns at her feet suggest a carpet or rug. As always this piece was stitched with no real plan in mind - I always work intuitively. I may sit down at my work table to create a certain sort of piece, but chances are something (or someone) else will appear.... And this I welcome, as I would never wish to make predicted pieces with predictable outcomes... I need to always feel a little unsure, as if starting out on a mystery.....

and into mystery.... If you have been following my work for several years (and I know many people have and thank you so much, sincerely), then you may remember my 'moonlit' series. These works were black with a little white stitched works, intricate and rather otherworldly. The series was inspired by the drawings of the late artist Madge Gill (I 'discovered' her work years ago and enjoy it still).

So now I am revisiting the moonlit series. You will see again black and white pieces, small in scale. Here is a moonlit brooch, measuring 6cm x 5cm - it is a larger brooch but a lovely size to wear. Or the piece could be displayed as an artwork.

a moonlit brooch
'moonlit brooch'

Below is another in my 'figures on paper' series. This painting is titled 'messengers'.

All three of these works - and more - will be in my shop tomorrow 7pm (UK time).


Monday, 14 September 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. ImpressionisMe, 2. Lunedì mattina, 3. flickr.com/photos/34034435@N00/21414095905/, 4. pod, 5. 扉をあけて(部分), 6. Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, 7. bee, 8. My Castle, 9. I've turned right this time. the ring at her hand have a story to tell, 10. cigar-tin story / Draycott, 11. cribell felen, 12. a Finnish Border winter scarf, 13. a body sticking out, 14. 94p46, 15. 20, 16. spectacle, 17. collage874, 18. Packing bags, 19. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, 20. Window sill life #shelfie #ceramics #airplant, 21. Carving "OVERLOOK" 2nd Blue!, 22. ·, 23. Untitled, 24. Working on first of a series of small paintings of trees., 25. Pink Wig, 2015 oil canvas board 11x14

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hello again - a windsept, sunny, rainy, can't-make-it's-mind-up start to the week here! A bit later than usual today as it's been a busy Monday for me, running errands and stitching.... Many thanks as always to my Flickr contacts for their beautiful images in this mosaic. Please follow links to discover more.

This week I am updating my shop on Wednesday at 7pm (UK time). Expect to see new embroidery and paintings. I hope you may enjoy the newest selection.

As I am now aiming to update most Wednesdays it will be a case of a few new works each week - I am aiming to offer both embroidery and paintings each week. (I may need to take a week 'out' now and then but will let you know here). A few months ago I decided to no longer reserve any artworks before my shop update and this continues, as it seems to be the fairest option. If you would like me to reserve an artwork that is in my shop already then please do send a message and I can reserve for you, for up to two weeks. Thanks for your understanding. I receive quite a few messages via my shop these days and am really pleased to hear from you and answer any queries, it's a pleasure!

So tomorrow I will share here a few 'previews' of new work and talk a little more about them....

Have a good start to your week.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

If I May

If I May

'If I May'

acrylics on paper - another work in my figures on paper series

Layers of texture and story here. There is no one narrative. I discovered the figures and am quite intrigued by this one. I hope you may be intrigued also.

This work (and the poetry hearts) will be in my shop next Wednesday - along with other works.

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

new series - poetry hearts

a new series of small poetry hearts

I'm working on a new series of smaller poetry hearts

The words stitched (using my sewing machine as a handwriting tool) are my own. In these small lines/verses I am exploring the act of writing poems, the elusive nature of poetry....

Of course I remember from years ago a writing tutor saying something like: often poets want to write about how difficult/wonderful writing poetry can be, but no one is really that interested, so avoid writing poems about writing poems.....

Ha, I am a little bit of rebel then for I am writing about poems.... above you see:

small poem
again I wonder
between the lines


softly in the light
a poem whispers
to itself

(all words my own 2015)

Monday, 7 September 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. upload, 2. Autumn is in the air. I have started to gather and store for the bare winter season., 3. Homage to Joe Brainard, 4. sep072015, 5. image, 6. 'twas the peak of heather season, 7. sky, 8. OCD + A/C - cut, folded and pasted paper, 9. blue breeze, 10. AND WE TOLD EACH OTHER STORIES, 11. Autumn Moon organic Polwarth wool top, 12. Untitled, 13. 4/8, 2015, 14. woods, 15. Circumstances, Mixed Media Collge on paper, 42,5 x 59 cm, 2015, 16. Rug hooked creations for Fall Workshop in Carpinteria, 17. Untitled, 18. Receptionist: I took family member to the doctor yesterday and drew my boredom away, 19. Sept 2/15 #embroidery #embroideryart #broderie #heatwave #lakeontario #beach #toronto #ontario, 20. 4 a.m. Abstract acrylic painting on canvas Created with fd's Flickr Toys

A Sunny September Monday to you --- many thanks always to the photographers, artists and makers featured in this week's mosaic. An autumnal feel - and yes there is a definite nip in the air here. This weekend just gone I mowed the lawn in our little garden and one thing I have to note is: usually I don't have a lawn to mow at this time of year, as it is usually parched and yellow, in need of rain. But this year is a different one: it is lush and green out there.....

But enough lawn chat.... This week I am busy indoors working on new designs and artworks. I'll be following on with new series and exploring new ideas. There's no shop update this week - next update will be Wednesday 16th.

I hope to share here some work in progress. Thanks again to everyone visiting here. Remember you can also follow me over at Instagram - just look out for me there, if you like. I post something new most days.

Have a good start to your week. If you are in the US/Canada I hope you enjoy a good Labor day. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

sketchbook Sunday

tiny book pages

I re-opened my latest tiny book the other day, after a break from working in any.... I have a fascination with pattern, especially patterns that have been worked and re-worked over many years, the patterns in textiles, rugs and carpets..... Finding images in magazines sparks my own small interpretations.

Just to prove it is a sunny weekend, here is our windowsill this morning - hello September sun:

More sketchbooks....

sketchbooks pages exploring layers - working in this way allows me to develop my layering ideas further, especially for my 'figures on paper' series

sketchbook pages with figures - I made this page earlier in the summer.... If you purchase any painting from my shop this month you will receive a mini-print featuring these pages with your order (included with orders I sent out last week - and if you purchase embroidery I of course send you a mini-print of an embroidery work....)

I hope to make time for more sketchbooks and tiny book pages over the coming weeks - it's an important aspect of my work, to always be exploring colour, texture and storytelling - and my starting point is always 'the page'.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

many thanks

smaller 'tiny faces' brooches...... these have all sold -  I will be making a new selection for my next shop update (16th September).

Many thanks to everyone who has visited my shop since I updated yesterday afternoon. I appreciate all your interest and am very pleased to have sent a bundle of packages out today.

Look out over this weekend for some new pages from my tiny books/ sketchbook. I will be spending the next several days working on new artworks, exploring new stitches and more.....

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

the white chair

the white chair

the white chair

acrylics on paper - a work in my series of 'figures on paper' - (and you will be able to see this one in my shop tomorrow).

I begin with layers and work into them, seeing things, making marks, finding figures. As with most of the other works in this ongoing series, 'the white chair' came about working with no fixed plan in mind. I discovered the shapes of the figures, almost but not quite greeting each other. Here you see something of a musical chairs game, or a game of chance or memory.... And the figures: one with dark skirt one with light, are somehow balancing each other?? But you may see other stories here.

Looking forward to showing you all the new paintings and embroidery in my shop tomorrow, 2pm UK time.