My paintings tend to fall into two main categories: still life and figures.

Still Life: In recent months I have challenged myself to work from life, with some interesting and detailed responses. However, I particularly enjoy working on a more loose, abstracted way and this is how I feel I am most myself. I like to push at the boundaries of perspective, shifting view when I feel it might work for the picture, making chance marks and finding interest in shape and pattern. My home is filled with a variety of ceramics and other objects and I look about my space to find interesting starting points. I often work with a muted colour palette, with bold colours working their way in as necessary.

examples of recent work:

green cup, blue bottle

green cup, blue bottle (acrylics painting / sketch on Fabriano paper)

Figures: my world of people is a remarkable one considering how I am quite a shy person who works alone. I draw on memory, especially childhood, but I have a particular interest in encountering people in paintings and making them my own, so I do look to historical art for inspiration. As with still life work, I prefer to work in a more abstracted way, but will challenge myself to work within a different dynamic from time to time - shifting to a more illustration feel. Always I am challenging myself to see things anew, or to revisit older ideas with a different slant.

examples of recent work: 

back to the old house

back to the old house - folk series - gouache on Fabriano paper

images © Cathy Cullis 2017 do not share without permission. Works shown here may be sold or available. Please send me an email if interested in more details.


Shelley Whiting said…
Your paintings are very soft and moving. Wonderful work.
marionjoy said…
atmospheric and moving imagery, your muted colours are lovely