I have been making embroidery works for a number of years and am a self-taught needlewoman, developing my own style of work with great attention to detail. My embroidery works are stitched using a basic sewing machine as a drawing tool. Influences include early painting and craft. Over time my embroidery pieces have become well known, with their distinctive tiny faces motifs, use of pattern and expressive mood. These small, often miniature works, are now in collections worldwide.

Due to various reasons I took an extended break from stitching - but I have recently decided to return to embroidery - concentrating on smaller, miniature-scaled works.

If you are interested in purchasing my embroidery - thank you. At the moment I have a list of people waiting for a special commission piece. I am not taking any more names at this time.

I may add a few new embroidery pieces to my shop, every so often. These cannot be reserved. Please follow me here and on Instagram to see work that may be offered in my shop.

stitch quartet

I will also be adding new embroidery works to my shop - these pieces can be previewed here on my blog and over at Instagram - they will be available at a given time and cannot be reserved.


splendid - a moonlit portrait


portrait of a fine woman (autumn into winter)

portrait of a fine woman


an example of my stitched improvised writing - poetry


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