Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Sixteen Portraits - a new zine

 Finally, I have it in my hands - a new zine. I have been hoping to tell you this for some time now, but for one reason or another (limitations of printers, time, not lack of inspiration) I have had to postpone all idea of printing a new one....

Sixteen portrait / monoprint drawings - is an A5 booklet featuring a series of recent drawings. These are reproduced in black and white (laser printed). There is a minimal cover and no text within. I wanted to drawings to speak for themselves.

The booklet has a hand sewn binding. I'm making each copy myself - so am keeping this to a first edition of just 50. I say just 50 but that's a lot of zine-making for one person! Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the process of making this one. 

Zines can be labour-intensive little beauties, but in my opinion they are worthwhile to make. They are an opportunity to share your work for a modest sum (this one will be selling for £8 including post to the UK and will include a tiny original surprise drawing). Zines are a chance for someone to collect the work of an artist in a way that is portable, easy to display and revisit. Zines are friendly about individuals or collectives putting ideas and imagination out into the world with hope. 

This new zine is not, I hope, the only one I will make this year. I am indeed working on new ideas for zines already - not just zines of drawings, but writing, collage and hybrids of different kinds. I hope you may enjoy seeing how these ideas evolve over time. It is a pleasure to think about the possibilities, the way I might be able to connect with people through zines.

Sixteen Portrait will be in my shop on Wednesday 19th May at 8pm UK time.

Thanks always

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