new paintings for April (part one)

 Hello again, I hope you enjoyed a good Easter/spring weekend. Now we can look forward to more sunlight, hopefully with plenty of warmer weather. 

I have been quietly busy working on new paintings. There will be six in my shop tomorrow, at 8pm UK time. These are very much a continuation of previous recent work, exploring interiors, still life and colour. I am never tired of working with gouache paint and enjoy working on painterly ways, layering up and keeping within a somewhat restricted palette. Flowers feature in several of the new paintings as well as sewing materials. 

If I had to list the top ten things I like to paint in a still life, in no particular order the list would include: bottles, jugs feathers, buttons, sewing reels, books, cups, terracotta pots, flowers, plants..... 

And of course, perhaps the one aspect I enjoy the most is paintings within a painting. There's something so intriguing about the whole idea - the building of such an illusion. How do you make it work? I find it helps to just look at a lot of paintings. A lot of paintings and drawings and etc.. I am always reading books on favourite painters and often have them scattered about my studio space, though I prefer not to copy directly. I prefer to be a bit of magpie and take ideas from various sources, build my own new worlds...

Here a few of the new paintings I will be offering tomorrow:

Books in a yellow room

daffodils in a cola bottle


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