Friday, 12 February 2021

week of blogging - French knots Friday


Little textile books with french knot embroidery covers.... Books with paper pages and books to keep needles.

I am slightly obsessed with the french knot, especially a woolly one. Perhaps it is something to do with it being a malleable little thing, a stitch that when put together with many others can became in interesting texture, something like a hooked rug or needle punch. But a knot is a knot with it's own tactile quality.

Over the past few years or so I have been experimenting with knots and how they can work to make interesting surfaces, but more recently i have been thinking about making pictures with knots. I have stitched a few bird pieces that you may have seen already. I love the way birds look in knots, the texture is not quite feathery but suits a bird nonetheless....

This afternoon I have been working on a doll with a french knots 'jumper' and I so far so good - a tricky thing to put together but I am enjoying the process. 

Yes, french knots take time when you stitch so many of them. But once you get into a rhythm there is something addictive about stitching them and seeing how they make a fabric, a surface of their own like moss or lichen perhaps......

I will be adding a selection of french knots pieces to my shop next Wednesday.

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