Wednesday, 17 February 2021

new work - shop update

 This new embroidery piece is a work I showed in progress last week. It is now complete and will be in my shop update in just a little while - along with a selection of new paintings and stitched needle books..

Thank you again for all your feedback and kindness re: my week of blogging. I will write more about my week, future plans etc... some time soon. 

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handstories said...

Your dolls are so wonderful- full of delight, spirit and charming details. Your little "Story" doll who sits here watching my making, does indeed offer joy, light & encouragement, all very important things. Always so glad to hear about your thoughts and process. Jude has been a wonderful teacher/mentor for me too, including being a pathway to your work. (Pressing 'publish' with hope that I've figured out how to leave a comment!)

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