Sunday, 14 February 2021

a week of blogging - weekend post - sketchbooks

 It has been said many times here and elsewhere - sketchbooks are the thing for me - they are at the centre of my working life. 

I use my sketchbooks as spaces in which to explore so many ideas, but the themes and questions, obsessions that most appear on the pages include:

my interest in historical painting

paintings within paintings

remembering paintings and making them my own humble renditions

exploring mark making

storytelling and not telling the whole story - glimpses

holding ideas together because they may feel fragile

making small pictures like windows into worlds

looking through the eyes of older selves

remembering childish wonder

putting together textures and layers for the tactile joy of it

writing thoughts and painting over them

putting together seemingly different worlds or ideas, making them sing as one

collecting my thoughts for the day

finding pleasure in random memories

discovering characters who have stories yet told

re-creating myself as basic shapes

figures walking from paintings into other paintings

visiting old haunts

holding it all in my hands

Thank you for reading my blog posts this week - I have enjoyed this sharing experience, going retro for a few days. I hope that I may inspire others to write a blog post or two, or simply visit a blog now and then. More than anything I hope you have found these posts interesting - enough that I might repeat this week later in the year. 

For now though, if anyone would like me to link to their creative blog please comment or email me. I will be writing a post in a few weeks time featuring current blogs that I enjoy visiting.


Mags said...

Have so enjoyed this week, Cathy. As ever, though, I have a special affection for your sketchbooks. I will look forward to further blog posts, whenever they may appear!

Cathy Cullis said...

Thanks so much for reading this week Mags, much appreciated. I am pleased to know and look forward to sharing future posts - esp sketchbook posts!

Ursula said...

Hullo Cathy,
I have very rarely commented on the internet before..and don't have Like it..but must tell how how much I have Loved discovering these blogs this morning..Just save up..and reread!:):)I have seen your work on instagram and Love your tiny worlds:)

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