New year - new series


Happy New Year - like many creative people I have thinking about ways of keeping going/sane/focused etc... through these darker weeks ahead. I have decided to focus on many smaller works. I am making a new series of postcard sized original artworks and this series it titled 'winter stories' - which is a broad-enough title to allow me to explore a range of ideas. I like to work within the season and to immerse myself in the world I am creating. The five works above are just the start, I hope, of a series of storytelling that I hope will keep my imagination busy for weeks to come.

I am also focusing on making new embroidery brooches. They are my favourite way to present my machine embroidery. I do like the larger pieces but they can be particularly hard-going, physically, with so much focus on one piece. I like to start and complete a piece in a day, when possible, so a brooch is something I can do in that time frame. I hope to make brooches of all sizes and vary colours, ideas etc... 

And also - I am planning on making new dolls. You may have seen me post a few doll- related photos on Instagram. I have nothing new to show you here just yet. But over the next few weeks I will be making a start on a new series of textile dolls.

Thanks always for reading here. I appreciate you taking the time to look. 

Updating my shop today, Wednesday 6th Jan at 8pm UK time. 


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