archive sale

 Hello - just a brief post to let you know here - I am having an archive sale in my shop tomorrow (Wednesday 30th Dec) at 8pm UK time. 

I have decided to part with some older work that has been stored away - a range of things from my earliest dolls to more recent works on paper, with a few special embroidery pieces too.

I posted a photo of the five dolls I am going to offer on Instagram today and was not prepared for the very enthusiastic response! I think I am quite flabbergasted:) Making dolls was my starting point, many years ago now, finding my way toward a creative life. It has not been at all easy to navigate, but with the support of many loyal collectors, new customers, old friends and dear family I have succeeded in keeping a small business going...

Now I really must show you just a few of the pieces that will be offered in my special sale tomorrow,

An embroidery piece I made about five years ago.

A doll I made oh goodness me how many years ago.

a study of a daffodil painted in gouache - painted two or three years ago.

Three quite different works! Interesting to see how my ideas wander and how I have explored different media..... There will be about twenty works in my sale. I am previewing things over in my Instagram stories.

Thanks always and just ahead of time may I wish you a very Happy New Year. I do hope 2021 is a brighter year for us all.


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