a small update before Christmas

 Today I will be adding six new artworks to my shop - a small update before Christmas. There are four paintings and two embroidery pieces. 

Here's a preview of some of the work on offer. 

birds in winter I and II - two gouache studies on watercolour paper. These measure 18.5cm x 15cm each.

Lady of the house (with small chair and landscape) - a portrait in stitch. This work measures approx 13.5cm x 10.5cm including the linen border. It is designed to be placed in a simple frame with breathing space around - floating if you will. Or you may display in a cabinet. Or perhaps - I was thinking on this when stitching recently - this could make a rather intricate quilt block! The possibilities are there for you with a little imagination....

Thanks always.

And a note to say: I will be sending everything special delivery in the UK so you can receive before Christmas (international packages will be send via tracked airmail and may arrive after Christmas though they may get to you before).


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