Tuesday, 3 November 2020

monochrome November + new brooches


A new series of monochrome gouache postcards - these are original drawings on vintage postcards (with picture scenes on the reverse side) - most of the cards have some printed text and a few have a little handwriting. The paper varies and it was interesting to take advantage of a coated surface which is slightly resistant - the potential for mark-making is intriguing.... I hope to continue on with this series through November.

Also, during November I hope to continue stitching and making smaller pieces, especially brooches.

here is a new trio.... I will have a selection of brooches in my shop tomorrow (along with the postcards)... 

As you may know, England is going into a month-long lockdown very soon. I have stocked up on essentials (sewing machine needles, thread) and am planning to work on smaller artworks through the weeks ahead. I will be offering work at special prices too. Your interest is so very much appreciated.

I will be updating my shop as usual, every Wednesday at 8pm UK time.

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