new monoprint drawings + artist book

 I have spent the last several days working on a new collection of monoprint drawings and also an artist book of drawings....

The drawings are mounted on to postcard sized backing of heavy watercolour paper (15cm x 10cm) - so will fit into a 6x4 inch picture frame.... Sometimes I do think about ease of framing!

There are eight new monoprint drawings in total - here are just two. I work at them in stages, often starting with a central element (often but not always a figure) and then I see where they are and allow incidental marks, ideas and notions take me forward... It is a very intriguing process and often there's a fine line between getting an image to work or not - especially when working on the small scale that I prefer. There is a high rejection rate. I will make several drawings in a day and then the next day look at them in a calm light and decide what really works and what almost made it. 

I make quite a few drawings that are not quite 'there' but there's something about them - so I will put them to one side and they will be used in my sketchbooks. 

Another way of working is to make lots of free small drawings and then cut them up to make new drawings, collages. It is fascinating for me to see how lines from different drawings can somehow merge and make a new picture. I have collected some monoprint collages to make a small artist book: 'One autumn afternoon'

This one of a kind artist book will be included in my shop update this week. Wednesday 30th September at 8pm UK time.

Shop news: I have tried updates on Mondays and Wednesdays over the past few months. After consideration and planning ahead, I have decided to opt for my 'traditional' Wednesday updates. I hope to update most weeks at the same time - 8pm. My aim is to add a small collection of work around a particular media/theme. For example, this week I am offering a selection of monoprint drawings etc.. and next week I hope to offer a collection of embroidery brooches... things will differ from week to week, but there should be some flow of ideas between the weeks....

Thanks always


I love your drawings! Yes, there is something about them! Love the subject matter~! xoxo

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