Tuesday, 1 September 2020

new embroidery - daughters and more


Daughters - a drawing in stitch - embroidery artwork

Perhaps the most ambitious piece I have made yet, daughters is a harmonious composition featuring two central figures and a large supporting cast of tiny faces, 'embroidered' or appearing as if in another dimension. The scene is an interior with a table, chair and window view. I have played with perspective - but not because I have planned to do so - this entire drawing came about quite organically over time and I did no more than say: let's draw two figures, perhaps they are sisters. The whole piece is stitched in dark brown thread with some gold-yellow, white and greys to add a little spark of colour without dominating.

The piece measures approx 20cm x 16cm - so is indeed a larger piece for me. 

It will be one of several works in my shop tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd September at 8pm UK time.

Following on from the domestic scene above, I have stitched two miniature scale works. The smaller one I made into a brooch. These I have titled simply: home I and II

I will preview a few more stitch works tomorrow - before I update - time allowing....

Thanks always

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