new embroidery - angels in the house and more

 Angels in the House - a new larger embroidery work

I am always inspired by looking back at early paintings, church architecture and embroidery of the past.... this piece began with the simple idea: a woman and a girl in a room. From there I went with the flow of ideas. It is hard to explain my process, except to say I find the central figures are always my guide(s). I let them speak to me and hopefully also to the viewer. I like to find my way into the story through detail and repetition. The tiny-tiny faces on the bottom of the woman's skirt are the size of a pearl or smaller. So in some ways they are her alternative jewels. 

This piece took me several hours of stitching, as you may imagine - done over a period of time. I have learned how to put something aside and come back to it. That is a skill in itself. To be able to not worry something with overdoing it, but to give a piece time to think itself over. It works things out without my mind being aware. 

I will be adding this work and more to my shop tomorrow - a special stitch update and the second of the month. I hope you enjoy seeing the selection of work tomorrow at 8pm UK time in my shop.

If time allows I will preview a few more pieces tomorrow before the evening.


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