Monday, 14 September 2020

copper and vessels + new interiors

 I have enjoyed working on brown paper paintings over the past several days. They are constructed using recycled brown paper from packaging. The paper is folded, creased, constructed into an individual support for painting - I like a painting that is not rectangular (or square)! There is dimension in the texture. I've also worked with copper paint as a background wash to create richness and warmth.

Here are two of the three still life paintings

I have also painted two new smaller interiors - again on brown paper. Here is one:

attic room

I just love the shape - the idea of looking into a cross-section or fragment of a home... So many older houses in my part of the world have attic conversions and so when I am out walking I often see new windows or hints at life up there in the eaves.....

These and more in my shop this evening, Monday 14th Sept at 8pm UK time - thanks always

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Hazel Terry said...

They are wonderful, full of character and warmth. The abstraction of the paper and it's wrinkles adds a patina of magic.

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