Monday, 17 August 2020

new painting - interiors from memory and smaller works

 It's been a busy several days in my painting studio.... I have been working on a selection of a dozen new works. Two are larger and the rest all quite small scale. 

The smaller ones - - - I have always experimented on different surfaces, from found papers to fabric, card to plastic, glass and stones... It's something I suppose most artists do when they ask themselves: I wonder if? I have a tendency to hoard up paper, especially brown paper and packaging because I know I like to paint and draw on it, for my sketchbook and for making work I may offer to others. I was recently making some small sketches for my sketchbook, using cut up and folded, re-folded and layered bits of brown paper - and a series of smaller paintings came from that experimenting.... Sometimes when you get into the flow it is best to just go with it...

A variety of ideas and ongoing obsessions - all painted in gouache and acrylics on recycled papers.

As you can tell, these vary in size and thickness - they are not straight edged but interesting little textured works with folds and creases and they don't hide the fact they are painted on recycled paper. 

My interest in interiors continues...

Here's is one of two 'bedroom scenes' that I will be including in my update today

guest room with landscape painting (20cm x 16cm) 

Update this evening, Monday 17th Aug at 8pm UK time - thanks always

There was no stitch update last week as I have been busy working on a few larger pieces. The work on these continues but I hope to have one of the pieces ready for my shop soon - and so please check on Wednesday!

Many thanks

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