Wednesday, 19 August 2020

new embroidery - storytellers


a new drawing with stitch - storytellers

This very detailed (I know I always say it - but this one really is very detailed!) work measures: approx 18cm x 11cm (gently curved).

The work began as a drawing of three main figures and from there I used a flow of stitches to create stories within their skirts, as if perhaps their skirts are embroidered (so I am making embroidery of embroidery, or is that meta embroidery).... It is rather like a Russian doll idea as you may see lower left - a figure within the skirt is wearing a skirt stitched with a figure... I just like this layering up of stories. The piece was stitched with no specific detail in mind, I went with the flow and as a curve of stitches appeared so I developed that into a piece of landscape or a face etc... Tiny faces in groups and lines make choruses, echoes. 

This piece took me several sessions of stitching to complete - not only is it the actual stitching it is taking time to reflect on the stitching. Which is why I divide my week between stitching and painting these days! It helps. I can go back and see things with different eyes etc...

I will be adding this work to my shop this evening - Wednesday 19th Aug at 8pm UK time. 

I'm currently working on another larger piece and hope that might be completed in the next week or few weeks. These things take time, but I am enjoying working on larger pieces. I often get asked if I make commissions and I am not doing so - simply because of the way I work, not to be awkward or fussy. It would be a different thing entirely if I were to carefully plan and sketch out of stitch work but that is not how these come about - they are improvised and from a simple idea: begin with three figures, this piece could have gone in many different directions.....

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MY MUSINGS said...

Wow!! That is amazing!!! Great job!

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