Wednesday, 5 August 2020

new embroidery - blue cuff and more

new embroidery pieces..... I always enjoy stitching tiny faces. Will I ever not? I think I will be stitching them until my eyes / my machine refuse to cooperate!

These works will be in my stitch update this evening - Wednesday 5th Aug at 8pm UK time

I am now updating with new stitch works most Wednesdays. 

Paintings and other works on paper will be added to my shop on Mondays.

I am finding this way of working helps me focus on one area at a time. It also allows me to give allocated time to each discipline, if you like. I'm hoping this will work out and be a long term strategy - not only does it help me to divide my work but it also allows me to keep things a little more physically organised in my studio areas (eg tidier!)

thanks always

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