new series - interiors

As we move into late summer here I am once again painting..... I took a few months away from any concentrated painting (though I continued to work in my sketchbooks). Over the past months I have been focused on drawing and stitch and this has helped me clear my head, in a way, and help me see forward to new ideas.... I have decided to focus on making small series of paintings based around themes as a starting point.

To begin, I have 'interiors' - a series of ten new paintings, all quite small measuring the same size: 13cm x 10cm. They are acrylics and gouache on watercolour paper. Each is a concentrated moment in time, a glimpse into a lived in space, or a life, or a story of some kind. There are abstracted figures living out their quiet moments. I have worked with limited colour choices to give focus.

The ten paintings will be in my shop this evening, Monday 27th July at 8pm UK time. I hope you may enjoy seeing the full selection. Here are a few to see now:

I will be continuing on with painting (as well as making further new stitch works and drawings). I will be starting on a new series of paintings this week - I will see how they evolve and hope to share more soon....


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