new embroidery - our everlasting days

I have been focused on brooches for a while - but just recently decided to complete this work. It began in March but has been altered to become a new piece. A simple explanation for a complex operation: I had a larger in-progress piece that contained an area I liked and an area I did not like so much, so I took my scissors to it and there followed several hours work of making something different - a new work that is actually appliqued and patched in places, very carefully. The work is backed on to a piece of linen so that it may be framed with a mount, if desired.

After some hours of working on this I was glad for the experience, learned a lot about how it is possible to 'rescue' a favourite area of work from something and make it anew. I hope you may see here several stories within, telling tales of daily life in a timeless world.

This piece will be added to my shop this evening, Wednesday 8pm UK time.

I have a smaller 'non brooch' piece also
this is - summer song - a miniature work

both pieces available later....

Just to let you know I will be aiming to add new paintings / works on paper to my shop on Mondays and new stitch work to my shop on Wednesdays from now on - for a little while at least - to see how that works out. It helps me to be that focused, as then I can keep to a pattern of working (which is what works for me).

Thanks always


Els said…
Ahhhhh Cathy these two are gorgeous !!!!!

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