mixed media figures and heads

figure studies - a mixed media collage featuring monoprint drawings and drawings with stitch combined to make a whole piece - exploring drawing figures with simple shapes, mark making, story telling.... I have made use of papers from old books, snippets of text etc... and lined paper from a notebook of unbleached paper that works well with the yellowed book pages

this work measures approx 20cm x 18cm

and another new piece featuring monoprint drawings - and another in my head series

I am adding these works to my shop later today, Wednesday 8th July at 8pm UK time

This week I am trying out updating at 8pm each evening Mon-Thur --- seeing how that might work out! I am always considering the best way of doing things not just for myself personally but also for people interested in my work, of course. This does mean I am not able to give too much advance notice here on the blog but am sharing things here as a record of what I am making.... thanks always


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