book page drawings - rooftops and more

rooftops / neighbourhood

yes inspired by my own local town and neighbourhood - we are in hilly territory so get various rooftop views around and about.... this is a larger book page work measuring 21cm x 18cm approx - papers from old books collaged together. I use nearly always Penguin or Puffin paperback books as they are in easy supply and I can often use books familiar to me - so that I can then magpie the text a bit - I like to pick out words and collage different coloured papers together. At some point I think I am going to have to make a large work that is simply papers - - a minimal piece that I will keep for myself, perhaps - though would I then be very tempted to draw on it?

woman with a tiny chair -

I have a long, long history of drawing tiny chairs. Every so often someone asks me what they might mean and I have to say there is no one fixed meaning. I suppose they are symbolic of domestic life, timeless, and childlike

These drawings and more will be added to my shop later today, Monday 6th July at 8pm UK time

thanks always


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