Wednesday, 3 June 2020

summer drawings - for June 4th

Four monoprint drawings - - - I enjoy the chance encounters with storytelling and mark making - making these small drawings can be engrossing, frustrating and time consuming. I will attempt an idea several times over, to see where it takes me. And my fingers get very inky and sore from drawing with a needle, but I so often find  myself saying: just one more..... It's a fascinating process. 

Many people have asked me if I teach workshops or tutorials and I say no, I do not. After years of experimenting by myself, I have found my own idiosyncratic way of working that suits me and my style of drawing. I might at some point teach a face-to-face workshop of a few willing pupils, one day! But I don't think i want to attempt to teach anyone online.

These drawings will be added to my shop Thursday 4th June at 12 noon (UK time)

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