Sunday, 31 May 2020

Summer Drawings begins June 1st

I am happy to be starting a new series of works for the summer weeks ahead.... Exploring drawing as a focus, I am going to make new artworks in paint, stitch, ink and more. There will be a theme of summer, quite possibly, but I am keeping things quite open to begin with and will move with the flow of ideas....

This will be a different approach for me - not least because I will be thinking more about what is to make a drawing and what a drawing can be.

Also, I will no longer be updating my shop weekly on Wednesdays. I realise now that has become problematic as I don't have time to preview work and find myself becoming more and more anxious about the self-imposed deadline. So from now I will be updating with new work most days - little and often. Not every day however, as I will be taking breaks when needed.

I will be showcasing work here but not featuring everything. So please do pop and see my online shop every so often, as you like, to see what I have to offer.

Thanks always

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