portrait series + drawings on book pages

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a series of portraits - inspired by historical painting and my own sketchbooks.... Three in watercolour and gouache and three in acrylics. Interesting, for me, to see how I often return to familiar ideas of domestic, quiet moments -

I wonder if she is looking out across the room, through a window or doorway - or maybe she is about to say something.....

And then there are moments when the portrait-subject gets a moment to herself, to sit and stare, to sketch the view - I wonder if she is looking at something familiar or a new scene, or maybe observing her neighbours working on their land, or birds circling in the sky, or just the grass swaying gently....

And I have also been making new drawings on found papers - book pages. I've used pages from vintage books in many different ways over the years. I've used it in papier mache projects and for drawing and stitching on.

I like to work with the text, if there is any and sometimes layer up papers, using collage....

These works and more in my shop Wednesday 7pm (UK time)

Thanks always


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