monoprint drawings and mixed media stitch

Following on from my stitch week (thanks so much for all your support last week!) - I am continuing to explore stitch and line, in a variety of ways....

blackbird sings - a mixed media collage

this work combines some of my favourite techniques/ideas: monoprint drawings, gouache and of course drawing and writing with a sewing machine. I have used found papers, various natural fabrics and the whole piece is stitched together - it measures approx 27cm x 20cm

a larger monoprint drawing - this is indeed quite a bit larger than I usually make and I enjoy the challenge of making something that is yet more involved - not just larger for the sake of it but allowing me to explore the use of space and mark-making on a different scale.... this work measures: 27cm x 19.5cm

both these and more in my shop update Wednesday 6th May at 7pm UK time - thanks always


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