Day five - stitch week

For day five I have created an artist book - 'Garden Notes'  - with a stitched textile cover and a series of monoprint drawings within - twelve pages in all......

The cover was created stitching through layers of linen and cotton fabrics and I used my sewing machine as a handwriting tool.... to keep with the garden notes theme I wrote lists of flower names, and garden observations..... there is a gentle tangle of threads, especially on the reverse side. Open, the book reveals the reverse side of the stitch as a cryptic kind of alternate writing or surface design.

The monoprint drawings are all garden-related of course - from figures working together on the land to a woman relaxing in a deck chair, to another figure contemplating her sketchbook of ideas.....

This will be in my shop this evening, Wednesday 29th April at 7pm UK time


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