spring tiny works - weeks two

A selection of tiny works - celebrating spring....

I am working on smaller - tiny works - for the next several weeks, during this time of semi-lockdown and concern.... I do hope you are staying well.

There will be a bright and varied selection of tiny works in my shop update tomorrow - at 7pm UK time. Please note: Royal Mail, our postal service in the UK, is under considerable pressure at the moment due to staff absence etc... Things are moving but some deliveries are delayed. So if you purchase from me please do allow at least a few extra days (if you are in the UK) and longer if you are elsewhere. I am still sending overseas but please do not order from me if you don't have a regular mail service in your area. Alternatively, I am very happy to hold on to artworks until things are better for us all and then I can send.....

Many thanks always


These are lovely, specially the bunny!

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