singing birds in a tiny landscape

For the next few weeks I am focusing on smaller paintings. As you may know I enjoy painting on a very small scale very much. Just how small though?

Maybe about postage stamp size.... is about as small as I am likely to paint. These are very small indeed, yet quite detailed. Not just for a dolls house - place inside a statement frame and you have an intriguing talking point for an actual size wall.....

I am also introducing a new midi size painting to my smaller works - the midi size is 11cm x 8cm - so quite a bit larger than a tiny one.... but still small in scale. 

These works and many more in my update tomorrow, Wednesday at 7pm UK time. 

I have just updated my 'shop news' over on my big cartel site - by adding a FAQ that I hope will help people with questions regarding my work and buying from me. Many thanks.


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