Tuesday, 14 January 2020

spring bulbs series

Despite the horrible wet and dark days we have had recently (except for last Friday - the one blue sky day - more on than below) - I can see spring bulbs appearing not only in my own little garden but gardens all around. Those first spikes of daffodil, snowdrop, crocus and more are such a welcome sight. I just hope all this rain will not cause too much damage or rot.

Inspired, as always, by this hint toward spring I have started on a new series of spring bulb still life paintings. This series will include my favourite combination: terracotta, green shoots and moss. But there will also be other combinations and ways of seeing the next brighter season..... I have just begun this series but am already getting plenty of interest via Instagram so am happy about that - be assured there are more to come, I hope...

As mentioned above, we have had one bright blue sky morning - last Friday - and that inspired this painting:

blue sky morning with snowdrops

These and more in my shop update tomorrow - Wednesday - at 7pm (UK time) - thanks always

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