needful things and spring bulbs

Hyacinths and other needful things (early morning)

I often paint in similar light - daylight (sometimes, especially at this time of year, additional daylight bulb lighting too). As I work in a particularly small space, I often have my still life 'set up' in a regular position, therefore seeing light and shadow in a certain way. To lend a different light, to see things a little differently, I sometimes paint in the very early morning before light (I am  more an early bird than a night owl). The early morning paintings rely on daylight bulb lighting etc.. and there's a variation in shadows, with reflections on the window - and the window becoming a black canvas with my own reflection sometimes...

I enjoy painting sewing related items such as cotton reels and pin cushions. I think of them as just as interesting as a cup of jug in a painting and they can suggest so much - evoke all kinds of memories, stories....

I can spend a great deal of time just setting up objects before I paint. Other times I will have a hand in making the objects or putting them together, or growing a plant.

Snowdrops and moss - a still life

I made a moss ball, or kokedama with snowdrops and decided to use this as a starting pint for a painting. Making the moss ball - a dainty world or garden you can hold in one hand - led me to look more carefully at the snowdrop bulbs and the different stages of growth. I enjoyed painting the sprouting bulbs and including them in this work, which is almost a narrative on snowdrop development - except there are no fading flowers, withering leaves....

These and more in my shop update tomorrow - at 7pm UK time. Thanks always.


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