Frosty mornings and snowdrops

It has been a while since I showed you tiny works here - these have evolved over time. I began making tiny, bridge playing card size paintings (approx 88mm x 56mm) a few years ago now. As with all creative things, ideas develop and I have certainly expanded on my ideas and expectations of what may be conveyed in a very small visual space.

Here is a group of six tiny works, each telling a story of a wintry day.

I have a new garden portrait that features multiple figures - but this work is much larger than the tiny paintings....

visitors in the snowdrop collector's garden - I do like to convey a story with a painting. Not always am I very specific about what is going on. Here, though, I did have a particular narrative in mind - people coming to visit on a garden open day, looking at a gardener's collection of snowdrops. You may know that there are many different named varieties and some highly collectable bulbs/plants may sell for hundreds of pounds. That is the world of the galanthophile. 

Also featuring snowdrops - in bud - is this still life painting.

These works and a few more in my update tomorrow - Wednesday 23rd January at 7pm UK time. Thanks always


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