Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Tiny Treasures III

Peg dolls

I do apologise for posting so close to my update - but it has been a very busy time and I have literally only finished editing some photos. I wanted in particular to share with you thee three peg dolls. I have made them over several days, stage by stage, with lots of care and attention to detail. Created using a basic wooden peg as my starting point, they have clay sculpted heads, wear hand stitched attire and have matchstick arms. Each doll will come with a few extras and will be in her own sturdy presentation box. These will be in my update this evening.

Continuing on with my tiny works - very much a wintry feel with hints toward Christmas.....

I particularly enjoy the challenge of painting scenes with multiple figures - they are something my eye has always been attracted to when looking at historical painting. It is that opportunity for narrative and capturing a moment.....

These and more in my update later. This will be my last update of the year. Many thanks for your interest in 2019.

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