Tuesday, 31 December 2019

New Year Update

Hello, it is new year's eve - and as we bid farewell to another year, a decade, I do not wish to look back in any great depth, but instead look ahead to an inspiring and happy 2020.... 2019 was a bumpy sort of year for me, personally, with health issues and worries. (I am now much better).

A New Year's update is happening tomorrow - at 7pm UK time - and I will be adding new paintings on paper and tiny works to my shop. There will be free worldwide postage on all larger paintings. To see previews it is a good idea to follow me on Instagram - but here is a taster. I hope you will enjoy taking a look at this special collection of all new work. Thanks always.

primroses and ivy with park view

hellebores and snowdrops on a windowsill

clementines - a small still life study on paper

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