Tuesday, 19 November 2019

gardening on a frosty day

Late planting bulbs, distracted by birds

tidying a garden

It was a frosty start to the day here - but not yet a hard frost. I am waiting for those mornings when the earth does feel as hard as iron - until then the garden is relatively easy to dig. I still have yet to plant any bulbs - and I really want to this year.

I've been painting garden or gardening scenes for some time now, more so this year. Perhaps this reflects my own sense of personal growth and joy in nature, the garden and the changes of the year. I'm particularly interested in autumn and winter gardens, for their texture and structure - there's nothing quite so dynamic as a bare tree.

These paintings and more - including, I hope, another varied selection of tiny works - in my shop update which is Wednesday at 7pm UK time. I update this time each week (until mid December, and then I shall be taking a short break).

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