Wednesday, 13 November 2019

all wrapped up or on a plate

Bit of a cryptic title to this blog post this week!

Oh well, it is one of those weeks when I have several different intriguing ideas to explore.... It was my birthday last week and one of the lovely gifts I received, from my sister, was the cyclamen featured in the painting below

I wanted to paint the cyclamen and spent some time thinking about an interesting way to present it. A simple composition of a plant in a pot works fine, but I was thinking of something a little more sculptural... Then I remembered a painting I had seen by Winifred Nicholson (also happens to be of a cyclamen, but white) and the pot was wrapped in paper giving it a very interesting effect. The way Nicholson has painted it, well it's almost like the plant has a sculptural halo. I wanted to adopt the idea of wrapping the pot but of course paint it in my own style/way or seeing things. One of my vintage ink bottles got into the composition.

I've recently expanded on ideas for my tiny works - you may know I enjoy painting on a very small scale at times and have over the past few years been making tiny landscapes, portraits and more all the size of a bridge playing card (some times I make even smaller - but mostly I offer the bridge card size). I have been exploring the simplicity of fruit, again sculptural shapes, on plates and with bowls etc...

one and a half pears on a blue and white plate

and one and a half figs on a plate

These and more in my update later today (7pm UK time) thanks always - I am aiming to update every Wednesday until mid December - which feels a long way off but is of course only a month away! Time is flying by this year....

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sMacThoughts said...

OH the figs! I love that.

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