Wednesday, 9 October 2019

paint it again - paintings within paintings

black violas

rusty calendulas

Two new paintings that both feature my own tiny sketchbooks featuring very small paintings.... I like the idea of reinventing or revisiting work, even things made recently. Putting my sketchbooks in a still life composition allows me to see the sketchbook pages in a new light. I can tweak the colours and detail, if I want. There's no one to say: that's not how so-and-so painted it. Because it is my own work that I am looking at, copying. I put my books amongst every day objects, as if it is perfectly normal to have tiny paintings amongst other stuff - (because for me it is). It is interesting to see the books laying open amongst other things, seeing them not as anything more or less precious - they are things, little sculptural objects with lives of their own.

These paintings and more - including a lovely selection of tiny works - in my shop later today (7pm UK time)

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