Wednesday, 30 October 2019

early morning light

I am working on a series of paintings exploring early morning light - the dark and dynamic contrasts, subtle changes, often placing objects on my dark wood table for contrast.

breakfast table with marmalade and plums

Apples - I am also exploring early morning light in different scales.... Here you can see a tiny work (88mm x 56mm) along with a gouache painting on paper measuring a whopping 19cm x 14cm - the different approaches to painting these two is quite interesting to reflect on - not only because I am working on different surfaces (the tiny one is gesso/primed linen) but also the larger space does allow for a certain freedom in mark making that isn't quite there on a tiny scale. There are pros and cons to working in different sizes, of course.

I do enjoy working on a very small scale.

Not morning but evening here - a tiny work (again 88mm x 56mm) titled: embers

These and many more works in my update this evening at 7pm UK time. If you are outside the UK please do check the timing as our clocks went back an hour last weekend. Thanks always!

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