Wednesday, 2 October 2019

a blue and white October

October begins and here we are in the last quarter of the year - what an odd, mixed sort of a year it has been in so many ways. It has not always been easy but I have felt my ideas evolving positively, my paintings have become more confident, focused - I am doing what I love.

Blue and white ceramics are featuring quite a bit in recent works. I like the possibilities, for experimenting with patterns and narrative. A recent trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum has helped me think about shape and how ideas have evolved over centuries.

These paintings and more will be in my update today at 7pm UK time. I am also re-introducing tiny works - landscapes, portraits and more. Putting them under the simple category of tiny works seems to be the simplest way of doing this. I will allow myself to explore a range of ideas, all on a very small scale...

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