Tuesday, 23 July 2019

vintage finds and summer colours

vintage finds with sketchbook - gouache still life

I have been including my own sketchbooks - various sizes and some older than others - in paintings recently. It is an interesting process to reinvent or rediscover past work in this way. I am always interested in greens and yellows together - often associated with spring but equally vital in summer....

summer posy and vintage penguin books

In the past I felt slightly daunted by painting flowers, a mix of flowers, expressively. But once I have loosened up, got into the flow of the paint, listening to music (Radio 3 is on nearly always these days) I enjoy the process so much.... 

And I am still happily painting vintage Penguin books. I like them with this summery pink striped cloth. 

It is particularly hot at the moment - a heatwave has taken over. I am working on new artworks for both my own shop and an upcoming exhibition (more on that soon). It is a busy time but I am continuing to pace myself and take regular breaks. 

There will be new paintings, monoprint drawings and postcard sets in my shop tomorrow - at 7pm UK time. Thanks always

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