Tuesday, 4 June 2019

tiny landscapes in stitch and more books!

tiny landscapes in stitch

yes tiny landscapes in stitch - designed as brooches - wearable landscapes? well, I enjoy stitching these very much. I have wanted to allow my stitching to evolve, to reflect my interest in landscape and colour, and painting. So I am layering the stitch for a painterly feel. These measure approx 7.5cm tall - so are larger brooches. For occasional wear, or display as a small artwork. There will be at least three brooches in my shop tomorrow.

Continuing on with my vintage books still life series:

wild roses and vintage books

wild roses and vintage books

and not just Penguins, this painting below features a 60's edition of a P.G. Wodehouse book

rosebuds and bottles

these and more in my shop tomorrow at 7pm UK time

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