Tuesday, 11 June 2019

new work - sketching outdoors and borrowed views

sketching outdoors

sketching outdoors

vintage books with view of park cottages

vintage books with view of park cottages - this still life with a landscape features a borrowed view inspired by an actual local-to-me view. There are some lovely older cottages and houses around here, they have such character and often lovely overflowing gardens. I do like an overflowing, slightly or very wild garden.

I am enjoying working on larger (for me) paintings - compositions that have different ways of seeing things, some more complex than others.

This does mean I am producing a few larger paintings each week rather than a handful of smaller ones, but I learning so much through these larger works and wish to continue on. So far they have been very well received. Thank you!

So this week I will be adding the two paintings here - and possibly a third, plus a selection of tiny landscapes to my shop. Update at the usual time.

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