Wednesday, 19 June 2019

inspiration on a rainy summer day

inspiration on a rainy summer day

inspiration on a rainy summer day

Here is the new painting I mentioned yesterday - one I completed late yesterday afternoon and did not have time/light to photograph. This detailed still life work is another in my 'vintage books' series - but the books have moved from the windowsill to a table!

This painting features various objects that may offer inspiration - from flowers to a pincushion (when ever I see a pincushion on a table I think: I must do some hand stitching soon). Also featured is a tiny artist book that I made a few years ago. It was interesting to paint that tiny figure and see her almost poised to tiptoe across the table.....

detail from: inspiration on a rainy summer day

This work and others in my update today at 7pm uk time. Also, this is my last update for a little while. I am taking a break for personal reasons (will make a quick post about that at the weekend - but please be reassured I am ok and will be back soon).

Thanks always

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MY MUSINGS said...

I simply love all your paintings and drawings. I had to laugh with the tip toeing lady!

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