Tuesday, 7 May 2019

new work - second week of May

a wild sprig in a bottle with books, garden view

wild sprig in a bottle, garden view

a new still life / landscape work - vintage Penguin (and Pelican) books featured - I love reading them and I enjoy painting them very much..... I got happily lost in the garden here....

I hope to have one other similar work also for tomorrow's update (I am 3/4 way through painting it, but it's not completed and I don't wish to ever rush these things so....)

embroidery brooches

embroidery brooches - exploring spring colours, colours of my recent sketchbook pages

girl reading, doorway to a garden

girl reading, doorway to a garden

a detailed work that I completed stage by stage over a few days, finding the composition and then suddenly the garden appears - and there's a certain magic to the whole thing, to my eye..... Enjoying windows, doorways and reflections right now.....

These and more in my shop tomorrow, 7pm UK time

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