Tuesday, 9 April 2019

new work - second week of April

Yes it is the second week of April - and spring has blown away to be replaced with rainy cold weather.... but I am still focused on spring artwork......

spring flowers and sketchbook

spring flowers and sketchbook

I have been exploring colour, moving beyond my usual palette and finding new ways to fall in love - with pink and orange as an inspiring mix.... I will always enjoy my muted tones but just now and then a spark or orange, a cool pink besides, just works for me..... I enjoyed painting my sketchbook into this scene.

I really must add a sketchbook section to this blog - and will be doing so as soon as time allows.

angelic figure in spring colours

angelic figure in spring colours

a larger embroidery piece - this measures: 11.5cm x 8.5cm

I also have a lovely yellow brooch!

and - a robin in spring - still life
(18cm x 13cm)

These and more in my shop tomorrow (7pm UK time) - thanks always

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