Tuesday, 19 March 2019

new work - third week of March - Spring!

blue jug and pears

blue jug and pears - a still life

I have a fresh and colourful selection of new paintings for you this week - (and a few pieces of embroidery that I have yet to photograph)

It does feel like spring is here - just about. We have first blossoms appearing on trees in the neighbourhood, the birds are much more vocal in the mornings - and the mornings are so much lighter. Inspired always by favourite things, I have enjoyed painting still lifes recently.

blackbird jug with dainty daffodils

blackbird jug and dainty daffodils

and I do like painting daffodils - and the painting daffodils season for me begins at the very start of the year and continues until Easter (just in case you wondered)

house on the hill jug

enjoying too the opportunity to blend ideas - landscapes, especially my tiny landscapes, inspiring a still life jug

These and more in my shop tomorrow at 7pm UK time, thanks always

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